Clifford Oravec / Consulting

When you team up with Clifford, you get more than just a consultant—you get experienced guidance for your SaaS Business or Startup.

Full-Stack Business and Technical Consulting

It's not every day that you come across someone who's just as comfortable hacking marketing and sales funnels as they are hacking front-end and backend code—but that's exactly the diverse skillset and background that Clifford brings to the table.

With Clifford's knowledge and experience spanning both the business and the technical aspects of building software-based businesses, you have the rare opportunity to work with someone who can determine not only what steps are needed to achieve business success—but who can also guide and assist you in implementing them.

Areas of Focus

Clifford has a wide range of experience in multiple disciplines that SaaS and startup companies can leverage at different stages of their growth, including:

Product Design

Market Research

Customer Development

Competitor Analysis

Product Strategy

Customer Acquisition & Traction

Product-Market Fit



Marketing Sites & Landing Pages

Conversion Rate Optimization

Marketing Funnels

Sales Process Development

Content Marketing

Email Marketing

PPC Advertisting


SaaS Architecture

API Architecture

Application Architecture

Scalability Architecture


User Experience (UX) & UI

Front-End Web Development

Backend/Server-Side Development

Now Accepting Select Engagements

Clifford is currently looking to work on a limited number of new engagements with SaaS and startup businesses that would best benefit from his experience and guidance.

If you are interested in engaging Clifford on a project, please provide some basic information about the opportunity below in order to schedule a free initial consultation regarding it with him:

Consulting Inquiry